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Suites Guayaquil
Suites Guayaquil

Hotel in Guayaquil


In case of an extra person in the room the customer the value of the occupation will be charged to the account.

If you wish to extend your stay communicated with 24 hours notice.

The time of departure (check-out) is at 12 noon.

SUITES GUAYAQUIL not responsible for personal losses suffered in the rooms.

Any damage caused by guests to the hotel property and will be canceled by the host.


Music, radios or televisions to high volume.

SUITES GUAYAQUIL Pets in Guayaquil.

Cooking in the rooms. 

Smoking in the rooms except the outer areas.


Management reserves the right to terminate the accommodation contract if any of the above regulations is violated

Our breakfast is prepared at the time, is served in our dining room at the following times:

Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 9:30,

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 7:00 to 10:30

In the unlikely event that a stranger requires your valuables, do not resist.

Only use ATMs in shops or malls and count your money in the car.


5 .- Respect the signs and speed limits.

Keep addresses and phone numbers of where you are going destination (hotel, friends, family) as well as emergency phones.


Guayaquil Airport Address: About Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil, (Garzota) Av. Leopoldo Benítez y Av. Hno. Miguel, Mz 2, V 9 (Dioagonal Sandwiches El Chino)
Guayaquil Ecuador Phone: (5934) 2924345 - 0989969379 - 0999616161

Guayaquil Malecon of Salado Address: Passing the Tennis Club in Cdla. Railway Av 3rd. No. 305 y Calle 8va, Near Guayaquil Malecon of Salado
Guayaquil Ecuador Phone: (5934) 2924980 - 2398305 to 2208089 - 0986244077 to 0999616161 - 0997689186 to 0997911246

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